Dies are devices that are usually placed in presses, mainly to perform specific jobs if it cannot be done with a tool. In this sense, the die can fulfill one or more than one function: cutting, perforating, drawing, crushing, bending, perforating the tube, stamping, marking, etc.

Featured image Dies
Various bending, rounding, and punchingVarious bending, rounding, and punching
Bending and triple punchingBending and triple punching
Punching in tubesPunching in tubes
Lance Type Tube CrushingLance Type Tube Crushing
Flattening, rounding and round punching in tubeFlattening, rounding and round punching in tube
Flattening, rounding and oval punching in tubeFlattening, rounding and oval punching in tube

At TECNOÚTILES we manufacture the dies in the appropriate materials that are always subjected to a heat treatment allowing them to acquire the necessary hardness to be able to work on the materials that need to be processed.

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Our products are compatible with most machines on the market: punching shears, iron workers, punching units, presses, special and CNC punching machines, etc.

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