The blades form part of a set of parts intended for machinery such as universal shears, guillotines, scrap cutting shears and special cutting machines, among others.

Featured image Blade
U-profile cutU-profile cut
Cutting of angles, round and square barsCutting of angles, round and square bars
Flat bars cutFlat bars cut
L-Profile cutL-Profile cut
Rectangular NotchedRectangular Notched
Triangular NotchedTriangular Notched

At TECNOÚTILES we also develop custom blades, with the maximum quality of material required, as well as, with the appropriate heat treatment depending on the material to be cut, not only sheet metal, but also plastic or other materials. Thus, we have blades for profile cutting, bar cutting, flat bars cutting, angle cutting, for rectangular and triangular notching.

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Our products are compatible with most machines on the market: punching shears, iron workers, punching units, presses, special and CNC punching machines, etc.

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